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About Action contre la Faim



Action contre la Faim was recognized as a Public Utility in 1994, but what does being recognized in this French legal form mean? It is the French Council of State who recognizes in compliance with French Law that an Association has the legal form of a Public Utility. Above all, the Association must serve a public benefit purpose, be democratically run as well as having a not-for-profit and solvent financial management infrastructure.

This recognition means that the Association has access to certain advantages, such as being able to receive donations and bequests without incurring any income tax liability. Likewise, an Association declared as a Public Utility is also subject to more administrative controls by law and can have this recognized legal form taken away from them when deemed necessary to do so.


In the main, Action contre la Faim’s vocation is out in the field, concentrating on health, food security, water and hygiene, and organizing testimonial-type awareness and advocacy campaigns.

This is done through emergency operations (with the objective of giving aid to the basic needs of the most vulnerable communities) as well as post-crisis programs on a more long-term basis.

We have operational programs in progress in 5 continents over 50 countries

For more information about our missions visit: our missions


In 2016, 70% of Action contre la Faim funding came from institutional donors, 26.4% from private donations, and 3% from other fund-raising products.

In addition to these financial resources, Action contre la Faim counts on the help of numerous volunteers, whether based at Head Office or regionally thanks to the support received from their delegations. Lastly, Action contre la Faim receives substantial in-kind donations for the sum of €8.7M.

For more information, go to the section on « Key Data » as well as the Annual Report 2016


Action contre la Faim is an Association constituted in accordance with the French law of 1901 concerning non-profit organizations which means that it cannot exercise the right to pay its shareholders. However, it can generate a surplus (known as profits in the for-profit world) for the Association.

This financial situation is essential to an organization such as Action contre la Faim because not only does it enable them to quickly mobilize their funds in the case of an emergency (a natural disaster for example) but also have enough funds available to cover the closure costs of the same (salary payments to staff, …).

Reserves make the Association independent as well as remaining operational effective if funding from sponsors or private funding were to drop. In this way Action contre la Faim can finance activities that sponsors do not provide funds for or unexpected events.

I submitted my application several weeks ago but have not heard back from Action Against Hunger. What does it mean?

Can I send my CV directly to a friend or someone I know who is currently working with Action Against Hunger – either in the field or in another Action Against Hunger HQ?

Yes, you can send your resume and cover letter to someone who works at Action Against Hunger, however please make sure to apply online too.

Where can I find details of Action Against Hunger remuneration package?

Please find here all information about Action Against Hunger’s remuneration package:

Please note that salaries are not negotiable at Action Against Hunger. Our salary ranges ensure that all positions with a similar scope of responsibility are paid comparably. The starting salary for each position in the Paris HQ or for the field are reviewed periodically against & adjusted to remain competitive with other not-for-profit organizations

What steps and who will be involved in Action Against Hunger’s recruitment process?

Please find here all information about Action Against Hunger’s recruitment process:

What languages do I need to speak & write?

For HQ positions, you’ll be expected have a professional level both in French and English, for writing and oral communication.

International field vacancies are usually posted in the working language of the mission. This means that you’ll be expected to have a professional level both verbally and in writing. For Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Yemen, Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, the working language is English.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Djibouti, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Madagascar the working language is French. In these French speaking countries all Coordinators, Deputy Country Directors & Country Director should be able to write in English since some donors require their reports to be completed in English.

Being able to communicate easily in multiple languages is always an asset when working in the humanitarian sector. While English, French & Spanish are the most commonly used languages within international teams, Arabic, Urdu, Portuguese, & many other languages may also be helpful.

Why can’t I apply for an international position in my home country?

International field vacancies are opened only when it has been considered compulsory for security reasons or qualification requirements. If a position is opened under the requirement of an international origin, candidates from the country of work may be considered for positions on other countries.

I am currently working with Action Against Hunger as a member of a national team. I would like to apply for an international position - should I apply through the Action Against Hunger website?

All current national staff should contact their HR or Admin Head of Department to express their interest in an international position. All past national staff can apply to one of Action Against Hunger’s HQs. Your past employment with Action Against Hunger will be reviewed during the recruitment process

I made a mistake while filling the application form online. How can I review it?

I was not selected to a position that is advertised again within a short period. Can I apply again?

I have previously, unsuccessfully, applied to work with Action Against Hunger. I have since gained additional experience & skills. How can I update my CV & contact details?

If you donate to Action contre la Faim, you have the option to create your Donor Area. To do this, all you have to do is click and register by completing the fields as indicated without any special characters (replacing the dashes and apostrophes with a space).


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