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Women fighting hunger around the world

If the women and men who work in the agricultural sector had the same access to productive resources, they would increase agricultural yields by 20 to 30%. Gender equality in the agricultural sector could reduce world hunger by 12 to 17%.

"We must give decision-making power to the women to make choices about food for their family and give economic opportunities to women"
Allaye Tembely
deputy head , of Action Against Hunger’s Kita Base in Mali


8th March is the International Women’s Day, today we celebrate fighting for gender equality.

Women, and children, are the first victims of hunger throughout the world. Gender inequality keeps women from the same access to education, higher studies, trainings, salary. Thus, women are more likely to suffer from poverty and thereby hunger. Our programs give them the opportunity to learn agricultural techniques, to learn how to scan children for malnutrition, to empower themselves and to have the power to fight against hunger.

ML_NUT_2018_TobyMadden_008 © Toby Madden pour Action contre la Faim


© Toby Madden pour Action contre la Faim

Empower women

Our programs in Mali give women trainings to learn how to scan malnutrition. We share our knowledge on the disease so that they can scan children directly where they live, in their community. In addition, the members of the community trust these community health workers so it is easier for them to scan the children and give the parents advice. They share their knowledge with the rest of the community to raise awareness.

In some countries like Iraq where there are no more conflicts but where everything was destroyed, we have implemented inclusion programs. Their goal is to give funds to women who already have the skills and the expertise to be able to start a business again. We give them money, tools and equipment. These programs also train women who do not have such skill set and they establish a work relationship through internships to train younger women.

In many countries, people do not see women who work as a good thing. Thanks to our programs we give them the opportunity to empower themselves, to have access to an income and to have the power to change things.

All over the world, in every country, every town women lack the same opportunities as men. Our fight against hunger is also a fight for equality.

If you want to learn more about the women who fight against hunger in Mali, Guatemala, Iraq and other countries, follow us on Instagram. Each day we will share the story of a woman who inspires us and gives us courage to keep fighting!



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