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Our expertise

Access to drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and health above all is at the heart of our mission.

Food Security and Livelihoods

Food security and livelihoods for all.

Mental Health, Psychosocial Support

We provide psychological support to the most vulnerable


Mobilise and influence


Faced with the accelerating trend in global warming, natural disasters are more frequent and more intense.


We are developing research programmes in response to the problem of hunger in the world.

Within the scope of what the teams are doing out in the field, advocacy and mobilisation activities are being carried out in member states and in the international community.

These actions are aimed at promoting lasting changes to policies, practices, and operational capacities by influencing political and economic decision makers and mobilising public support.

Through the different programmes implemented fighting against malnutrition, water sanitation, and even mental health over the last 40 years, the Organisation continues to advance with their proven and innovative resources demonstrating their effectiveness every day. Drawing from this experience, the NGO has been given the mandate to promote and integrate these good practices into the political policy of the Member States and International Institutions.


Our advocacy activity focuses on two work ethics:


The fight against hunger and malnutrition

Advocacy activities are aimed at raising the awareness of how important it is to fight against acute malnutrition and make people recognise that it is a major public health problem that requires decision-makers to pay more attention to it as well as more provide funding.

Furthermore, we are asking for an integrated approach in our fight against malnutrition by requesting that the Member States include nutrition in their sectorial political policy (agriculture and health). Based on our experience and our analysis and research on the causes of hunger, we are engaged in a more global campaign for proposing long-lasting solutions with the objective of eradicating hunger in the world.


In defence of humanitarian principles 

Likewise, we are fighting for respect towards humanitarian principles and support for evolutions and political changes in this area (particularly French and European) using our expertise and what our teams have witnessed out in the field on operational programmes. Lastly, we are increasing the awareness of the companies from North to South to support our fund-raising activities. By informing the general public of the issues of hunger, we hope that they will apply pressure on the decision makers that will lead to real change.



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