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Journée Mondiale de l'Eau

Access to water and sanitation: a daily struggle

Dirty, unsafe water can have terrible consequences on people’s health and nutrition. It makes people sick and weakens their bodies. They can then quickly suffer from undernutrition.

The international community, through the Sustainable Development Goals, has set itself the goal of Clean water for all by 2030. Unfortunately, at the current rate of progress, it seems like many countries will not be able to achieve this goal. Much greater efforts and considerable investments are needed: adapting adequate national policies, mobilizing resources, strengthening national statistical systems to monitor the new SDG indicators, etc. Civil society plays a particularly important role in achieving these objectives, in order to make the voices of the field heard and to promote local solutions.

Solutions do exist

Action Against Hunger implements numerous water, sanitation and hygiene programmes, serving nearly 5.8 million beneficiaries worldwide. Within the framework of these programmes, we deliver water to the populations. We build wells, toilets and feces management services. We distribute hygiene kits. We promote hygiene through the teaching of healthy practices. We also carry out advocacy work at the local and international levels to influence policy makers and mobilize public opinion on water and sanitation issues.

22 March: World Water Day

This year, for World Water Day, we are raising awareness among thousands of children, in France and around the world, through a giant Goose Game whose questions focus on water and sanitation. For the first time, we are deploying the game at events in eight countries: not only in France through our volunteer delegations, but also in Somalia, Cambodia, Mali, Djibouti, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Chad. Through this game, thousands of children around the world can learn about issues of access to water, hygiene and sanitation!

Find all the information about our regional delegation events on our delegations’ Facebook pages. For more information about our volunteer delegations.

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Journée Mondiale de l'Eau 2018

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Focus: World Water Forum

This year, World Water Day happens at the same time with another international event on water: the World Water Forum (18-23 March) in Brazil.

This forum, held every 3 years, aims to promote awareness, encourage political commitment, and trigger concrete action in the field. It brings together all key stakeholders in the water sector and decision-makers from around the world.

During this forum, Action Against Hunger will play an active role, and speak out notably on the topics of water, health and nutrition.

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