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Companies & Foundations

Institutional partners

The support received from these institutions provides us with the means to act with distressed populations around the world. They offer us a diversity of financial resources that allows us to maintain Action Against Hunger independent and keep its actions relevant for the people.


The activities of the AAH international network are supported by grants from governments (Spain, Canada, Great Britain, France, United States), or international organisations (European Community, United Nations) as part of their cooperation policy and humanitarian intervention. These funds represent 74% of the resources implemented for the benefit of the assisted populations. They illustrate the partnership dynamic created between national and international public institutions and organisations from civil society. These partnerships are also vectors of exchange of experiences and expertise.

For each project or program in which a public donor engages with Action Against Hunger a special agreement is drawn up outlining the respective roles and responsibilities.

Public donors have trusted us for many years by financing our operations this is because the use we make of these funds is regularly subject to controls (including audits and assessments) on their part, exercises that help to renew their confidence and to learn lessons in order to continually improve the relevance and quality of our interventions.

Also, Action Against Hunger is engaged with these donors in discussions or in working groups that enable the organisation to participate in developing institutional operating frameworks, in defining strategies or in influencing certain policies that will be adopted.

Your Action Against Hunger contact:
Lucie BARBIER – Head of Institutional Donors (AAH-IN)
Tel: +33 (0) 1 70 84 72 45


Decentralised cooperation agents can engage with Action Against Hunger on emergency and development projects by mobilising different finance mechanisms within the framework of their international action policy.

Thanks to the Oudin-Santini law, decentralised cooperation agents can allocate up to 1% of their revenue in Water and Sanitation to international solidarity projects driven by NGOs in the same sector, either for the implementation of infrastructure or for support measures for local populations and authorities.

Highly involved in the approval and implementation of this law in 2005, Action Against Hunger continues its work of mobilising decentralised cooperation agents who participate fully in the French solidarity efforts of France in Public Aid for Development.
Through co-financing with government or international donors, these agents enable Action Against Hunger to set up development projects in Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, thus contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal no. 6.

Finally, thanks to significant mobilisation of these agents during major emergencies, Action Against Hunger can intervene from the very first hours in the place where needs are identified.

Being a partner of Action Against Hunger within the framework of a territorial policy of international solidarity, implies:

  • Integrated management of cases: proposal of projects based on your guidelines, coordination of water agencies and communities (co-financing), presentation to the elected representatives, sending of precise narratives and budgets
  • Feedback and assessments of the actions carried out (specific reports on how the funds are used and how the financed project is implemented): an exchange of know-how between your technical services and our experts, valued expertise ensuring the quality of the sustainability of the projects implemented
  • Networking with the institutional agents involved in our areas of intervention (capacity building of local actors)
  • A close relationship with one of our 30 ACF regional delegations in order to raise your citizens’ awareness of these issues (e.g. various events: World Water Day, press conferences, talks…).

Meanwhile, these agents are also partners of Action Against Hunger by promoting the establishment of solidarity events and by raising ACF’s voice during events in order to mobilise the general public (Race against Hunger, Challenge against Hunger, World Days, etc.).

Action Against Hunger Partners

  • Water agencies, particularly Adour Garonne water agencies, Rhône Méditerranée Corse and Rhine-Meuse.
    The water agencies are public institutions of the ministry in charge of sustainable development. They strive to promote balanced and economical management of the basin-wide water resource that characterises them and to protect the resource and aquatic environments. In accordance with foreign policy guidelines in France, they also perform international cooperation activities in the fields of water supply, sanitation, the fight against pollution or the preservation of water resources.

    Water agencies support the development of decentralised cooperation and encourage communities to engage in international solidarity in the field of water and sanitation, including by making use of the Oudin-Santini mechanism. When a community mobilises for an Action Against Hunger project, the water agency in its basin can provide significant co-financing, enabling it to participate strategically in a large-scale project.

  • Local authorities (Regions, Departments, Municipalities), loyal partners of Action Against Hunger: Agglomération de Brive, Métropole Rouen Normandie, Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération, Nîmes Métropole, City of La Rochelle, City of Paris, Communauté du Pays Voironnais, Department Val de Marne, City of Burgundy, Central Region Val de Loire, Region Occitanie
  • Water unions, loyal partners of Action against Hunger: SICASIL

Your Action Against Hunger contact:
Fabienne Tainturier

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