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Financial Transparency


The legitimacy of an action lies inevitably in the clarity and requirement in the way that it operates, especially if financial. To fulfil this, Action contre la Faim prepares a full report of its activities every year (activity report), as well as the source and use of their resources (financial report).



In 2016 :

Financial graphics



  • Action contre la Faim is an Association under French Law of 1901 and recognised as acting for Public Interest, and being the name issued by the French Council of State. For this reason, Action contre la Faim must submit their Annual Accounts to the French Ministry of the Interior and Foreign Affairs.
  • Action contre la Faim is a member of the French Committee for the Professional Code of Conduct for Charitable Organisations calling on the generosity of the public. This supervisory body brings together French associations and foundations that respect a set of ethical principles with respect to budgetary rigour and transparency in accounts.
  • Audits by approved independent Auditors guarantees a year-on-year disciplined approach to the management and transparency of our accounts, published each year.
  • The large international institutional funders (ECHO, USAID) exercise continuous supervision over our accounts, at Head Office and in the field.
  • Action contre la Faim may be audited at any moment by the French Court of Audits and IGAS (Inspectorate General of Social Affairs), just like any other organism.


To be efficient and recognised, a humanitarian organisation never works alone. Action contre la Faim develops its programmes in an independent way.

It is supported by diverse institutions, agencies, both national and international, namely:

  • The European Union (41% of the resources of the Association), through ECHO (European Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission), Aid and Food Security, and Rehabilitation Funds
  • USAID: United States Agency for International Development (10% of the resources) United Nation Agencies (HCR, PNUD, UNICEF, PAM …)
  • The French government, through Ministries of Cooperation and Foreign Affairs as well as the French humanitarian response service (Service de l’action humanitaire)
  • National cooperation agencies, especially European.



The Annual Activity Report for 2017 is available to all:

Annual report 2017

The Annual Activity Report for 2016 is available to all:

Annual report 2016
Essentiel des comptes 2016
Financial report 2016

The Annual Activity Report for 2015 is available to all:

Annual report 2015
Moral and activities report 2015
Financial report 2015
Essentiel des comptes 2015

The Annual Activity Report for 2014 is available to all:

Annual report 2014
Moral and activities report 2014
Essentiel des comptes 2014
Financial report 2014

The Annual Activity Report for 2013 is available to all:

Annual report 2013
Essentiel des comptes 2013
Moral and activities report 2013
Financial report 2013

The Annual Activity Report for 2012 is available to all:

Annual report 2012
Essentiel des comptes 2012
Financial report 2012

The Annual Activity Report for 2011 is available to all:

Annual report 2011
Moral and activities report 2011
Financial report financier 2011


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