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Action Against Hunger’s mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of undernutrition, especially during and after emergencies related to conflict and natural disasters. 



Whether based at headquarters or in the field, many challenges await you regardless of the area for which you are responsible: 

  1. You ensure the development, financing and implementation of the country strategy, and the growth of a portfolio of programs that effectively address the underlying causes and effects of malnutrition, in line with Action Against Hunger’s values (Charter), programming principles and strategy.  
  2. You ensure the efficient implementation of our operations, through your ability to federate and develop teams, you ensure collective efficiency through the dissemination of expertise and innovation, in line with Action Against Hunger’s values. You are responsible for the safety and well-being of the teams and the organization’s accountability to the people and partner organizations. 
  3. You represent Action Against Hunger in dealings with authorities, donors, actors and partners of the humanitarian community, in order to facilitate collaboration and thus guarantee the efficiency of the response. 


At headquarters

Regional Operations Director

You have developed skills and expertise throughout your career and now seek to make them available to mission teams through a more global regional approach. Your cross-functional skills enable you to ensure efficient management both locally and remotely, and to maintain the link between the field and Action Against Hunger’s management. 

In the field

Coordination/capital office – Country Director

You are able to present a strategic vision adapted to the country context by encouraging the commitment and involvement of your teams. As an excellent communicator and diplomat, you are able to convey and promote Action Against Hunger’s values to high level spokespersons. 


Field Coordinator

Based in the provinces of our countries of intervention, you seek a position that will enable you to see the concrete/impact results of the projects implemented by focusing on relations with the populations supported by Action Against Hunger and the consideration of their needs. As the manager of a multidisciplinary team (support and technical functions), you are able to offer solutions and strengthen the skills of your teams so that they can face the challenges encountered in the area of intervention. 

Program Expert  


As there are many causes of hunger, Action Against Hunger’s response is multisectoral. We require project management experts to define and implement integrated actions to ensure that they respond as closely as possible to needs, while respecting the dignity of individuals and humanitarian standards.  

Whether based at headquarters or in the field, many challenges await you regardless of the area for which you are responsible: 

  1. You ensure the development and implementation of the programmatic strategy based on an analysis of the context and needs, to provide an efficient response in compliance with the minimum standards of intervention, the organization’s charter and field of expertise. 
  2. You strengthen Action Against Hunger’s response capacity by ensuring the complementarity of actions (internal coordination, partnerships and consortia creation) and by developing project financing (searching for funding, writing project proposals, representing the organization before donors). 
  3. Your expertise in project management and your ability to be a source of proposals enable you to develop appropriate tools and methods to guarantee the quality of projects and ensure accountability to beneficiaries and various partners. In addition, continuous monitoring and evaluation allows you to alert and propose adjustments if necessary. 
  4. Your knowledge of programs allows you to support and train teams in order to guarantee optimal capitalization and to stimulate a dynamic of continuous innovation. 

At headquarters

Deputy Regional Operations Director

Together with a team of technical experts that you supervise, in close collaboration with the Regional Operations Director, country directors and deputy country program directors, you contribute to defining and strategically developing Action Against Hunger’s missions in your geographical area.  

You support the definition and facilitate the financing of regional, multi-country, multi-actor programs with high strategic stakes. 

Program Support Officer

You are familiar with the requirements of major donors and humanitarian standards and have excellent analytical and drafting skills. Your positioning at headquarters allows you to develop a macro vision of contexts and issues at a regional level, so you are able to provide remote support to field-based program teams. 

In the field

Deputy Country Director Programs  

You are the guarantor of project quality and accountability to the populations supported, donors and standards. Your ability to federate and supervise a team of technical experts enables you to promote a quality multi-sectoral strategic vision that responds in a sustainable way to the problems encountered in the field (nexus). 


Project and Program Manager (RRM Manager or Coordinator, Consortium Coordinator, Multi-sectoral Project Manager)

At the local, national or regional level, you bring your team members together to achieve a common objective by providing supervision, stimulation and capacity building. In accordance with Action Against Hunger’s charter and values, ensure the implementation of the project for which you are responsible, in compliance with established procedures and dedicated resources. 

Humanitarian Funding & Donor Management  


Humanitarian Funding & Donor Management helps to establish the Action Against Hunger international network as a strategic and influential partner for major donors.  

You help to improve the comprehension of strategies, policies, culture, funding mechanisms, working methods, funding management rules and expectations within the Action Against Hunger network. 

You facilitate the network’s participation in strategic discussions with donors on aid policies and programming, assume greater leadership in key coordination platforms with donor relations and develop diverse partnerships for more innovative and long-term programming 

You are working to improve the management of donor funding agreements, including the proposal phase and reporting. 

You explore new sources of funding, assess potential fundraising efforts and anticipate new ways of working to access these funds. 

In connection with country offices, you provide the resources, tools and expertise to implement the country mission action plan and support the development of the operational partnership and consortium, in coordination with operations managers and other entities of the Action Against Hunger international network, where appropriate. 

Donor relations positions are located in six offices: three in Brussels, two in London, two in Paris, one in Toronto, one in Washington DC and one in Berlin. 

In the field

Deputy Country Director Support  

As an experienced manager, you lead and manage all functions and systems of support services: logistics, finance and human resources management, in order to provide quality support to program implementation, and in accordance with the Action Against Hunger country strategy, internal policies, and donor standards. 


Grants & Reporting Manager  

Your knowledge of donors and your interpersonal skills enable you to ensure effective coordination of the writing of project proposals and reports. 

Thanks to your ability to react, anticipate and organize, and the integration of field constraints, you are able to meet the various deadlines related to project management (reporting, project proposals, etc.). 

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