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RDC - Nut&Health - 2022 - Alexis Huguet (117)-min © Alexis Huguet pour Action contre la Faim



Action Contre la Faim statement following the announcement of the Nutrition for Growth summit in Paris in 2025

The N4G is a time for governments, donors and civil society from around the world to commit themselves to fighting malnutrition more effectively and putting an end to it. 

In 2025, the United Nations Decade of Action for Nutrition and the World Health Organisation’s global targets come to an end. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030. On a global scale, 2.4 billion people lack access to adequate, sufficient, and healthy food, with a disproportionate impact on smallholder farmers, rural communities, as well as women and girls. Among children, who are the most vulnerable and hardest hit, one in five suffer from stunted growth, and approximately 45 million are emaciated.

PAK - Nut&Health - 2023 - Khaula Jamil (10)-min © Alexis Huguet pour Action contre la Faim


In this context, the N4G Summit in France offers an opportunity to shed light on a major issue of our time, at the crossroads of development policies. Nutritional security must be at the heart of our efforts to build a more sustainable and equitable world. 

Action Contre la Faim invites the French government and the Secretary General of the Summit, Brieuc Pont, to seize the opportunity of the N4G Summit in Paris to make nutritional security a fundamental pillar of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and of development policies, by tackling its root causes: fighting malnutrition means working for economic and social justice, universal access to essential services such as water, health and education, gender equality, the preservation of the climate and biodiversity and, more than ever, peace.

We must also acknowledge that, beyond being a source of funding, multinationals, particularly in the agro-industry, have economic and political interests that are at the root of many of the causes of malnutrition (environmental degradation, use of products that are harmful to public health, formatting of food systems) and that do not meet the needs of populations and ecosystems. The N4G summit in Paris should be the opportunity not to be missed to make progress on regulating multinationals and putting in place strict regulations to encourage the emergence of sustainable food systems that give everyone access to healthy, nutritious, affordable and local food by 2030.

Finally, because the cuts to France’s official development assistance budget are a worrying signal, we call on the French government to respect the terms of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, who, at the Summit for a New Financial Pact, called for a major effort to “accept to spend more”. France, as host of a major summit on malnutrition, must rally people around itself by setting an example.


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