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Diversify food to fight against hunger

As refugees, Noor Bahar and her husband Abdu Rakim struggle to make ends meet. Despite her love for cooking for her family, often it seems that Noor Bahar only cooks different types of spinach she picks from the surrounding areas near her house. As a result, their meal menu mostly includes vegetables without protein and other nutritious food. Noor Bahar did not realize the importance of child nutrition until one day when Action Against Hunger’s community volunteers visited her family.


Detect malnutrition


One day a man and a woman wearing brown vests came to my house. They asked about my family and children. One of them took measurement of my young children with a tape- it is called the MUAC tape, which I learned later. They explained that my 16-months old daughter Hosna Bibi was suffering from undernutrition and that I should visit the Pusti Khana (Integrated Nutrition Centre)”.

After learning the signs of undernutrition, Noor Bahar could relate the symptoms that she noticed in her youngest daughter, Hosna Bibi.


"My child has been losing weight and was not growing taller. She was eating less than usual due to stomach problems. When I visited the Pusti Khana, I realized why my youngest one was looking weak and less playful than before"
Nayapara , Bangladesh

Learn to diversify your diet


At Action Against Hunger’s Integrated Nutrition Centre, Noor Bahar received nutrition treatment for her daughter Hosna Bibi. Alongside receiving nutrition support, Noor Bahar joined mothers’ group, participated in both individual and group discussions, where she learned about child nutrition, child-feeding practices, food hygiene and diversified nutritious food that she can avail using limited resources.

Under the same roof of Integrated Nutrition Centre, Noor Bahar also accessed counselling sessions provided by Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support (MHPSS) team and attended information sessions facilitated by the Communication with Communities (CwC) team of Action Against Hunger.

“Sisters show us pictures and videos during sessions, so it is easier for us to understand and follow the advices later on”, stated Noor Bahar.

IMG_5420 © Nafisa Delwar pour Action contre la Faim

Nafisa Delwar pour Action contre la Faim

IMG_5438 © Nafisa Delwar pour Action contre la Faim

Nafisa Delwar pour Action contre la Faim


During her recent visit to Action Against Hunger’s nutrition centre, Noor Bahar reported improved health of Hosna Bibi.

"Now I feel at peace seeing my child gain weight. I did not know help was so close. My child is getting stronger and nothing more make me happy than seeing my children happy and healthy"
Nayapara , Bangladesh

To mothers like Noor Bahar, Action Against Hunger’s nutrition centres are one of the first points of support where children suffering from undernutrition get nutrition treatment. Action Against Hunger’s multi-sectoral programming is funded by donors like the European Union. Support from the European Union (ECHO) made it possible to fight against undernutrition through early detection of case by scaling up mass screening of children under five, providing nutrition treatment, and responding to the underlying factors of hunger and undernutrition.

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