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Benefits and salary

Find out about the benefits we offer, both in France and internationally

Your benefits
and salary


For all our employees of every nationality working with us in any of the more than 45 countries in which we operate, regardless of nationality, we offer an attractive salary and other benefits through an employment contract governed by French law.

Our international salary policy for international employees takes into account their duties, the expertise they possess and the context in which they work.



  • Your starting gross salary (including ‘thirteenth month’ bonus) is calculated in accordance with the level of responsibility required in the post and your professional experience.
  • In addition, as a contribution to your living costs, you will receive two allowances: A daily allowance to fund some of your outings and leisure (between €150 and €350) and a COLA allowance for food and everyday items (between €180 and €640), paid monthly in the local currency.
  • After twelve months of service, in recognition of the experience you have gained in your position, your salary will increase by 6%.
  • Depending on the security situation in the country where you work, a context allowance of between €150 and €450 will be paid to you every month.
  • Action contre la Faim will also take care of your children’s schooling costs (up to the age of 18). A child allowance:
    • €125/month per child (up to €6,000/year per family) when the child lives outside the country where you work
    • €3,500/year per child (up to €15,000/year per family) if the child lives in the country
                     where you work.
  • For anyone who is not a tax resident of France, a gross monthly retirement allocation of 16% of your gross salary is paid as a supplement.




  • You will be insured by Action contre la Faim through an international insurance policy, which covers any potential loss of revenue (through illness, disability, maternity, death, work accident, etc.).
  • You will also benefit from a contribution to health and assistance costs (health mutual, accident insurance overseas, medical assistance and repatriation, etc.).




  • During your contract, Action contre la Faim will provide you with and pay for group accommodation, shared with the organisation’s other international employees.
  • At the beginning and end of your contract, your travel between your home and the country where you work will be paid for.
  • In addition, Action contre la Faim will pay for one extra return journey if your posting is for more than twelve months.


vacances et congés


  • During your work contract, you may take up to 25 days of paid leave per year. In addition, 20 rest days per year (‘reduction of working time’ days) are granted on a pro rata basis, according to the duration of your presence within the year.
  • In order to ensure that you get the time off you need, Action contre la Faim provides rest days. You will be paid a fixed rest allowance, and all the fees involved in reaching the designated rest area for each country will be covered (transport, visa, etc.).




  • Depending on the security and health context of the country where you work, some posts may be compatible with couple/family status. This status entitles you to certain benefits (individual accommodation, transport of personal belongings, living expenses, insurance, etc.) and to have your spouse and/or children with you in the country where you work.




  • In order to prepare you for your post as thoroughly as possible, pre-departure briefings will be organised on our premises or remotely. Through these exchanges, you will find out more about our association, the context in which we operate, our programmes and your main points of contact. At the end of your contract, there will be a debrief, so that you can give feedback on your experiences and share your perspective from inside Action contre la Faim.
  • Due to security issues in some countries where we operate, we have established mechanisms to prepare you and to ensure appropriate working conditions. For example, in some contexts, a security meeting and briefing will be organised, as well as mandatory training.
  • Throughout your contract, you will have access to a psychologist, who will provide you with the confidential psychological support you need.
  • You will have a specific HR point of contact, who will be there for you throughout your time at Action contre la Faim.
  • In our offices, there will be a disability representative to answer any questions you may have confidentially and provide support if you have a disability or severe chronic illness.


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