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The momentum gained in the fight against undernutrition over recent years and the many commitments made by nutrition stakeholders in 2013 call for a collective capacity to track progress and commitments and to ensure the effectiveness of global and national responses. Most nutrition-related processes, including the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, the Nutrition for Growth Compact and the Global Nutrition Report, highlight accountability as a critical factor of success. However, several challenges must be taken up for these and other initiatives to achieve better accountability of global investments in nutrition.

This paper intends to discuss how the tracking of Official Development Assistance (ODA) dedicated to nutrition can foster better accountability of global investments in nutrition and improve their impact. ACF shares the following recommendations with nutrition donors and the broader nutrition community:

  • Refine the tracking methodology developed by the main nutrition donors
  • Develop minimum reporting standards for the reporting of nutrition ODA
  • Draw from other transparency initiatives to enhance timeliness and user-friendly presentation of the data
  • Use the results of the tracking to identify and address funding gaps
  • Bridge the tracking exercise with other nutrition-related initiatives

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