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Who we are

Overcoming hunger
by fighting its causes.

Action Contre la Faim is a non-governmental organization that has been fighting hunger in the world for nearly 40 years.

Action Contre la Faim

Nearly 800 million people are suffering from hunger around the world. We lead the fight to make it stop.

Created in 1979, our Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) – Action Against Hunger – is fighting against hunger in the world. Its mission is to save lives eradicating hunger through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition, in particular during and after emergency situations caused by conflicts and natural disasters.

Today, Action Against Hunger is a major player in the fight against hunger in the world. Structured on an international network, our organization provides a coordinated response in nearly 50 countries. Our priority is to have effective actions in the fields and testify about vulnerable population

Since the reasons for hunger are many, our response is multi-sectoral based on solid expertise.

Our 7 fields of expertise

Free and direct access to people in need

Charter of principles

We commit to the following principles:


Action Against Hunger acts according to its own principles in order to maintain its moral and financial independence. Action Against Hunger's actions are not defined in terms of domestic or foreign policies, nor does the organisation act in the interest of any government.


Action Against Hunger maintains a strict political and religious neutrality. Action Against Hunger can however denounce human rights violations it witnesses as well as obstacles put in the way of its humanitarian activities.


Action Against Hunger is committed to respecting a policy of transparency and disclosure for its beneficiaries, donors, and partners by making available all information on the allocation and management of its funds, and by providing independent verification of its good management.

Free and direct access to people in need

Action Against Hunger demands free access to populations in need and direct control of its programmes. Action Against Hunger uses all means available to achieve this goal, and will denounce and act against obstacles that prevent the organisation from doing so. Action Against Hunger also verifies the allocation of its resources in order to ensure that they reach those individuals for whom they are destined. Under no circumstances can partners working together with or alongside Action Against Hunger become the ultimate beneficiaries of the organisation’s programmes.


Action Against Hunger rejects all discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, opinion, race, religion, sex or social class.


To maximise its efficiency and use of resources, Action Against Hunger bases the assessment, conception, management, and realisation of its programmes on the highest professional standards and years of experience.

About our Charter
Charter of principles

Private, apolitical, non-denominational, not-for-profit, it was created in France to operate worldwide. Its vocation is to save lives by fighting hunger, physiological misery and distress situations that threaten the lives of defenceless men, women and children.

  • In the event of a serious crisis, natural or man-made, threatening food security or causing famine.
  • In the event of a breakdown of the social fabric, linked to internal or external reasons, placing certain popula*ons in a situation of extreme vulnerability.
  • Where humanitarian assistance is a matter of survival.

The association’s action then takes place either during the crisis itself or afterwards. It can also intervene in risk prevention. All ACF’s programmes aim to enable their beneficiaries to regain their autonomy and means of living as quickly as possible without relying on assistance.

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The milestones of our fight

Created in the context of the Afghan crisis in 1979, Action contre la Faim is part of the second generation of NGOs, the "French Doctors", French doctors who in 1968, at the time of the Biafra war, rebelled against the silence of humanitarian aid workers, bound by secrecy and yet witnesses to the worst horrors. Wishing to force this silence by denouncing injustice, these NGOs added testimony to the action.

AFG_2016-10-31_0727 © Sandra Calligaro - Afghanistan FSL Cambodia 2016 -ETH-2014-06-17_19 © Agnès Varriane Leca - Ethiopie Kurdistan irakien, 2017 Kurdistan irakien, 2017 A convoy of trucks moves across the hastily-built pontoon bridge at the Maslenica sea crossing July .. © Reuters Nikola Solic Two wounded Rwandan soldiers limp 23 August as they approach the Panzi refugee camp which houses som.. © Reuters - Patrick de Noirmont CHECHEN REFUGEES QUEUE FOR HUMANITARIAN AID AT SLEPTSOVSK. © Reuters - Vasily Fedosenko IQ MH&CP 2017 Bawiza 04 - Copie Lys Arango A KOSOVAR MAN WALKS THROUGH THE RUINS OF THE OLD TOWN OF PEC. © Reuters - Damir Sagolj AN UNDERWEIGHT COW PULLS A WAGON LOAD OF TIMBER IN KUMCHONG © Reuters - Str Old IMG_4207 © Florian seriex - Irak An aerial view of the holiday resort of Ton Sai Bay in Thailand's Phi Phi island, after a tsunami ... REUTERS/Luis Enrique Ascu ACF-EF-7286 A Haitian sells water next to a destroyed street market in downtown Port-au-Prince REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz A man walks amid rubble of collapsed buildings after what activists said were air strikes by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Douma Eastern Al-Ghouta, near Damascus REUTERS/Mohammed Badra Yemen 2016 Florian Seriex 010_dburgui_KAT_vincent01__MG_5719-1-1024x683 Daniel Burgui Drought threatens lives in Somalia Arif Hudaverdi Yaman / ANADOLU AGENCY

Assistance to Afghan refugees in Pakistan


Emergency Mission to Thailand for Cambodian Refugees


Emergency Mission in Ethiopia to cope with the famine


Assistance to the Kurdish people in exodus during the Gulf War


Mission opens in Bosnia to provide medical and nutritional assistance to displaced persons


AICF is recognized as a Public Utility by the Ministry of Interior. Genocide in Rwanda: Nutritional aid to refugees.


Opening of Chechnya mission during the 1st Russian-Chechen War


AICF becomes Action against Hunger


Emergency distribution in Kosovo


Action against Hunger withdraws from North Korea and denounces aid manipulation


Opening of the mission in Iraq


ACF already present on the spot responds to emergency after the Tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka


Execution of 17 Action Against Hunger humanitarian aid workers by the military in Sri Lanka. To protest against the crime’s impunity, Action Against Hunger leaves the country.


“Food riots” in many developing countries around the world, as a result of a sharp rise in food prices


Beginning of the Syrian conflict in the context of the Arab Spring


Start of the mission in Yemen


Emergency assistance for 180,000 people after earthquake in Nepal


Threat of famine in 4 countries: in Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia. New brand identity for Action Against Hunger


Leading the fight against hunger
Thomas Ribemont

Thomas Ribémont is a graduate of the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies and holds a doctorate from the Université Paris 9 Dauphine. He is a lecturer in political science at the Université Paris 13 Sorbonne Paris Cité.

Pierre Micheletti

A doctor with a national diploma in public health, he began his first experiences abroad in 1985.

Dorian Dreuil
Secretary General

Graduated in Law and Political Science from the University Toulouse I Capitole, he joined the NGO Action contre la Faim in 2008, from the age of 16.

Elizabeth Tchoungui
Assistant Secretary General

Elizabeth Tchoungui is Franco-Cameroonian. Journalist, editorialist for Le Point Afrique, presenter of "Menu Président", the weekly political program of Numéro23.

Alice Ponsero

Alice Ponsero has been a member of the Board of Directors since June 2014 and has worked for ACF on partnerships and seeking funding for missions.

Alexia Ackermann
Assistant Treasurer

Banking framework, with a long experience in financial and operational risk management. Graduated HEC 1997 and Harvard Business School 2001.

Frédérique Benzoni-fievet

Based for 10 years in different regions of the world, Frédérique Benzoni- Fievet has held a number of management positions including…

Pierre Bollinger

Head of the debates, partnerships and international affairs department at France-Stratégie, an expert and foresight agency placed with the Prime Minister.

Alice Corbet
Chairperson of the Ethics Committee

Alice Corbet is a researcher at the CNRS at the LAM laboratory (Les Afriques dans le Monde), at Sciences Po Bordeaux.

Cyril Cosar

After a first hospital life, he joined ACF in 2006 and held the position of Psychologist-Referent stress and psychological support for teams in the Human Resources Department.

Amandine Delsuc
Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee

Lawyer and former employee of ACF, she is currently practising as a corporate lawyer.

Caroline Dib

Caroline Dib joined the board of directors of Action contre la Faim in September 2017.

Aïcha Koraichi

After graduating from Sciences Po, Aïcha Koraïchi began her career in organization consulting with the public sector before joining ACF where she was responsible for internal audit.

Marc Lavergne

Marc Lavergne, geographer and geopolitologist, research director at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research)

Thierry Mollichon

Worked in the socio-cultural sector for several years before spending 10 years in the international industrial sector.

Cyril Musila

Cyril Musila holds a doctorate in social sciences from EHESS Paris and divides his time between France and Africa.

Julien Seillan

Julien Seillan began his humanitarian journey in 2004 in eastern DRC.

Robert Sebbag

Key figures

How we use the funds to fight hunger.
a b c

Distribution by type of expenditure

  • Programme and support expenditure (87%)
  • Costs of background research and communication (9%)
  • Operating and miscellaneous (4%)
a b c d e f g

Region distribution

  • Africa (132M€)
  • Asia (27M€)
  • Latin America (7M€)
  • Middle East and North Africa (44M€)
  • Europe (6M€)
  • Caribbean (13M€)
  • Others (11M€)

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