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As the cornerstone of our financial independence, fundraising and the related communication activities serve the association’s mandate and its mission to help the most disadvantaged. 

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As a developer of the association’s resources, you will therefore have a key role in the implementation and development of our activities. The private fundraising campaign is structured around 2 main targets:  


Appeal to the generosity of the general public


You contribute to the development of donor relations and ensure the operational implementation of fundraising campaigns both to build loyalty and to ensure acquisition. You are in charge of creating marketing messages for a more personalized approach and depending on the collection method of your area of expertise. 

Action Against Hunger is developing a multi-channel fundraising strategy, through the implementation of direct marketing campaigns (face-to-face marketing, paper or telemarketing), and digital marketing, but also through the development of philanthropy, particularly with major donors, and donations. 



Development of sponsorship and partnerships with companies


You contribute to the development of a portfolio of companies and corporate foundations, with a personalized partnership approach, both in terms of loyalty and acquisition.  

The partnership policy not only aims to finance the programs we have been developing for 40 years in nearly 50 countries, but also to co-construct innovative response models that meet the challenges of Action Against Hunger’s mandate, in line with sustainable development, while drawing on the expertise of private actors. 

Four units are dedicated to the development of specialized offers: solidarity team building initiatives (the Challenge against Hunger Race), donation campaigns (“Je dej Je Donne” luncheon voucher collection), financing models (solidarity finance and income-generating activities), or other operations to engage internal and external stakeholders (product sharing, micro-donations, skills sponsorship, etc.). 



Donor relationship monitoring and fundraising registration


Fundraising development would be nothing without a service that ensures the quality of donor relations and their data.  

As a database management specialist in the Data unit, your analyses help to ensure that the database is fully exploited and that data quality and integrity are maintained. You manage large-scale projects such as database migration or compliance with new legislative and regulatory requirements. 

Within the Donor Relations unit, you manage the various fulfillment service providers, ensure the registration of donations and guarantee a direct and quality response from donors when they contact us. 

Involvement in France


Action Against Hunger has been present in France for some 20 years with the objective of developing the visibility and reputation of the association as well as carrying out concrete actions throughout the country. With the support of volunteers, who are one of the main components of its associative fabric, Action Against Hunger stimulates its associative life, develops commitment and is a relay for projects (educational, communication, spontaneous, etc.).  


The missions of each of the Delegations, spread over some 30 French departments, made up exclusively of volunteers and coordinated by a Delegate, are to raise public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world, to represent the association in dealings with opinion leaders (media, companies, local elected officials), and to raise funds for the association. 



Youth engagement


Action Against Hunger is involved in educational activities all over the world. Their mission is to encourage young people to take part in a world of greater solidarity and enable them to participate in concrete projects by contributing to the fight against hunger.  

The Race Against Hunger is a sports and solidarity event where hundreds of thousands of students, from primary to high school, everywhere in France and abroad, run together and get involved alongside us. 



The Drawing Against Hunger is a creative and supportive operation in the fight against hunger for primary schools and their students. Students use their imagination and creativity to support a worthy cause.  

As a member of this team, you support the development of these two projects, by being the contact person for schools (prospecting, loyalty, volunteer network management, logistical organization of races, fundraising management), or by creating educational content for students and teachers. 


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