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pour Action contre la Faim

Mission Management

Technical Expertise and Research





Information systems

Human Resources



Resources Development & Marketing

Interships & Apprentices

Action Against Hunger’s logistical activities make it possible to set up a supply chain to provide a responsive solution adapted to each context, which is as relevant and effective as possible to provide the necessary assistance to the affected populations.  

As a logistician, you ensure the implementation of the supply chain, from purchasing to sorting centers and storage points. You manage the means of transport, locations and accommodations of humanitarian workers, as well as their IT and telecommunications equipment. 


Field Logistics

Logistics Head of Department

As the Logistics Head of Department, your mission will be to coordinate all the logistical activities of the mission. Your main challenges are to define and implement the logistics strategy to meet the operational needs of the programs, to organize logistical activities at national level (supply chain, vehicle fleet, ICT and infrastructure, works management, energy source management, equipment management) and to ensure good collaboration and logistics coordination with the mission’s partners. In parallel with these activities, you are also responsible for accompanying and advising logistics managers in the field and supervising, training and supporting your team in the capital. 

Logistics Manager

As Logistics Manager, you ensure the stewardship and logistical and material organization of the bases in the field. In concrete terms, you will pilot all logistical activities and guarantee supply-chain performance (budget management, supplier relations, purchasing, procurement, supplies, stocks, transport, distribution) at the heart of the programs, manage the technical equipment of your base (vehicle fleet, equipment maintenance, warehouses, etc.); supervise, support and mobilize your team. You may also contribute to the management of security issues.   

Logistics experts

Logistics experts are involved in our programs for specific and short assignments in order to meet training needs, set up specific projects. 

Kenya © Lys Arango pour Action contre la Faim

© Lys Arango pour Action contre la Faim

Headquarters Logistics

Operational Logistics Advisor

Within the Operations department and as an Operational Logistics Advisor, you provide technical support to missions on operational and strategic logistical aspects. As an expert in your field, you also work on in-depth projects to improve logistical tools and management in the field. 

Purchasing unit

Within the Logistics department, the Purchasing unit supports the departments and units at headquarters in the strategic management and operational management of their purchases. The Purchasing unit also provides occasional support for missions, in particular for studies related to the optimization of the international supply chain. 

Transport and Supply unit

Integrating the Transport and Supply unit will be an opportunity for you to supervise and coordinate the supply of international missions in order to provide support to operations.  

HQ Facilities Management unit

Integrating the HQ Facilities Management unit requires providing technical expertise on activities related to the working environment while guaranteeing compliance with standards and the safety of property and people. 

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