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Press release


Alarming lack of resources to combat malnutritrion in the far North of Cameroon

The resurgence of attacks by armed groups in recent months in the far north of the country is extremely concerning. Between October and December 2019, the number of attacks increased by 72.5%. Nearly 140 attacks occurred during the two last months of the year. These figures are unprecedented since 2016.

These attacks have resulted in further displacement of the population. More than 460,000 people are now estimated to have been displaced in the north of the country as a result of violence, with a 10% rise between April and December 2019.

“In some areas, such as around Kolofata, more than 80% of the population are spending the night away from their homes and coming back only during the day to look after the fields, due to fear of attacks. Other consequences include the looting of health facilities and schools and the restriction of access to these facilities for the sick, particularly the most vulnerable-pregnant women and children under the age of 5″ adds Aurélie Carmeille, Action Against Hunger Country Director in Cameroon.

This deterioration of the security situation is leading to a deterioration in the nutritional situation in certain border areas, and the existence of localities which are insufficiently covered by programmes for the management of severe acute malnutrition, which is the most serious form of undernourishment.

Action Against Hunger teams are currently caring for more than 7,350 children under the age of 5 suffering from severe acute malnutrition, compared with the 4,766 expected during this period. This is an increase of more than 64%. It is also estimated that more than 230,000 people are currently experiencing food insecurity in the area.

“Despite the sharp increase in needs observed by our teams on the ground, we find it extremely difficult to mobilise donors and do not have the means to ensure a response which is adapted to current needs” deplores Aurélie Carmeille.

An urgent donor effort is therefore needed to meet the needs of the people in this region.

Action Against Hunger has been present in Cameroon since 2014. Alongside emergency interventions for displaced persons and refugees, Action Against Hunger is working on long-term projects aimed at strengthening people’s livelihoods. Each year, our teams help nearly 300,000 people across the country.

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