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Human Ressources

New remuneration policy for international employees

This policy offers a salary adapted to Action Against Hunger’s business line and economic model. It values both the responsibilities your exercise and the contexts in which you carry them out. 

By working with us in the fight against hunger, and as an international executive, you will benefit from fixed-term contract with a competitive remuneration package consisting of a base salary, various bonuses, lump sum payments paid at your place of assignment and other benefits directly covered by the organisation. 


Rise of basic salary  

All over the world, our employees assume positions of responsibility in various contexts. Our new remuneration policy aims to fairly compensate the work of each of our international executives. 

An increase in the monthly gross salary has been defined taking into account both the humanitarian labour and the range of the responsibilities required. For each position, a salary range has been defined as follows 

  • Country Director: from €3,370 to €3,895 monthly grossalary 
  • Deputy Country Director (support or program): from €2,735 to €3,145 monthly gross salary 
  • Field Coordinator, Head of Department & Coordinators: from €2,450 to €2800 monthly gross salary 
  • Deputy Coordinator & Field Manager: from €2,200 to €2,525 monthly gross salary  
  • Program Manager, logisticians, administrators: from €2,010 to €2,335 monthly gross salary  

In order to enhance the value of the experience acquired on the job, the salary will automatically increase by 6% every 12 months.


Revaluation of the child/SCHOOL allowance 

Action Against Hunger has also revised the allowance paid to the parents in order to facilitate the expatriation of the whole family. 

The child allowance is an allowance paid to expatriates until the 18th birthday of their child and covers school fees. The amount of thallowance varies according to the number of children (€1,500 per year per child, with an annual ceiling of €6,000), as well as the children’s place of residence. 

If the children are present on a mission, 80 % school fees are covered up to €3 500 per year per children on presentation of school childcare invoices until secondary school diploma is obtained (Baccalauréat in France). In these cases, the annual ceiling is increased to €15,000. 


Security– related compensation 

Working by our side also implies fighting hunger in complicated political and social contexts. Many countries in which we work are in a conflict or post conflict situations. From one mission to another, the context, work environment and quality of life are different. 

This new remuneration policy also aims to better take into account the context of the position, which is itself linked to the country’s security conditionsAn allowance bonus is paid monthly, in addition to the salary. It varies according to the country of intervention and is adapted to the geographical areas within the missions themselves. The monthly bonus will range between 150 and 450 euros. 


Revaluation of specific fields of expertise 

The new agreement extends the support for new areas of expertise. Our organisation relies on the essential work of our different experts. Our various fields of expertise require people with technical skills, with the ability to adapt to the various contexts they may face. An expertise bonus of €200 is applied to expert positions mentoring positionor functions with specific responsibilities.  

A regional responsibility bonus, valuing intervention over a larger geographical area than a single country of intervention, is adjusted to 5% of the monthly basic salary. 

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