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NGCamp_FSL_Tesaye (3) © Léa Vollet
pour Action contre la Faim


Refugee garden

Gardening in refugees’ camp

Tesfaye’s proudest project is the refugees’ gardens. “These people live in a camp where their main source of food are the food rations. They receive cereals, sugar and oil but that doesn’t make a healthy, nutritious and enjoyable diet on its own. That is why we developed the project of home gardening, financed by ECHO1. It targets household with children or pregnant and lactating women affected by malnutrition to support their nutrition status,“ explains the food security and livelihood officer for Action Against Hunger in Gambella region.

Nyalwal, 30 years, is one of the 483 people who participates in the program in Nguennyyiel camp. She is standing in front of her garden, as Tot, one of the community workers, shows her how and where to weed out. “I followed the instructions as well as I could. I have the chance to have a large space because I’m in the oldest part of the camp. The first arrivals received bigger spaces than the latest. So, I was able to transplant the sprouts and give them space to grow.” Nguenyyiel camp was designed to shelter 50,000 people, but it is currently hosting more than 86,000 South Sudanese refugees.

NGCamp_FSL (2) (1) © Léa Vollet pour Action contre la Faim


© Léa Vollet pour Action contre la Faim

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© Léa Vollet pour Action contre la Faim

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© Léa Vollet pour Action contre la Faim


One month ago, Nyalwal received an agricultural equipment kit including 1 shovel, 1 pickaxe, 1 three-fingers crotch and one watery can. In addition, seeds of carrot, onion, cauliflower cabbage, kale and other vegetables were given to her. “I have 4 children, my 1-year old boy suffers from malnutrition. He was admitted in the out-patient therapeutic program and he is getting better now”.


"When we will harvest, we will share the vegetables with the all family"
NGCamp_FSL (4)
Gambella, Ethiopia

We created a demonstration garden behind our health center in the camp. We showed them how to arrange the rows so that they can reach for the middle without crushing the sprouts, how to use dry light grass for mulching, and we invited them to repeat all the gestures. It’s a “I show you and you do it yourself” demonstration.” Describes Tesfaye. “Most of the vegetables will be ready for harvesting at the end of the month and in December.”



Léa Vollet
Communication Officer

In Gambella region, Action Against Hunger works both in refugee’s camp and within the local Ethiopian communities to prevent and fight malnutrition. Our activities are supported by the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations of the European Commission (ECHO), the Bureau of Populations, Refugees and Migrations (BPRM), Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

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