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Women against hunger

Fighting for equal rights and against hunger

All around the world, gender equality between men and women has taken a lot of importance in the media and political speeches. This recent visibility puts the spotlight on this issue and allows changing mindsets. It also gives a voice, a space to people who did not have it before. This ongoing battle concerns all of us. Each one can be a part of the movement by denouncing and breaking stereotypes and supporting the men and women suffering from injustice. Our fight for equality is also a fight against hunger.

Even today, because of gender inequalities, women do not have the same access to education, studies, training and pay as men. This cause is increasingly at the center of debates and fights for equal rights. This lack of opportunities and resources makes them the first victims of hunger in the world. Kavita, Trésor, Mahajabin and Virginie are just four of the many women fighting, at their own level, against hunger and for equality.

They fight

In India, Kavita has been a volunteer by our side for many years. Each day they prevent, treat, and scan undernourished children in one of the countries with the highest malnutrition rates, India. Her daily life consists in riding her bike all around her region to reach isolated communities who do not have access to healing facilities. Before becoming a volunteer, she didn’t have any information on undernutrition nor how to scan and treat it. Now that we taught her the basics, she can share her knowledge and raise awareness amongst her community. Kavita plays an important role in the communities she takes care of by showing them the good practices and by denouncing stigmas like the one around menstruation.




Trésor is a Jurist in N’Djamena, former beneficiary of Action Against Hunger, she now works in an organization of women jurists in Chad. She is in charge of gender based violence victims and helps them get justice. She has a message to share and to empower Chadian women. “Chadian women need to wake up, they need to get to work; to fight, and fight with force against the violence commited against them”.

Mahajabin, is one of our colleagues in Bangladesh. Every day she rides her bike, breaking gender roles. In Dacca, the country’s capital, as a woman, it’s not well seen to ride a bike. Every day Mahajabin has to endure insults, annoying comments, questions, and intimidations. She never gave up to those comments. She encourages all women to follow her example, to enjoy their own freedom so that the fight for gender equality can keep going.

Virginie is fighting for more educated women in Cameroun. Her message is a message of emancipation. She believes that women have to have access to an education in order to be in control of their future. So that women can have the same salary as men, make their own choices and depend on no one.

Like them, there are many stories of women who fight for a world equal, for the women’s empowerment for them to be brave, to be able to make a difference and change the world. By sharing their stories, their fights, by breaking stigmas you can help these women. We are also in need of funds; any donation small or big can make the difference and contribute to this cause.

"Il y a beaucoup de gens qui croient au féminisme, à l'égalité, à l'équité. Ils sont l'espoir."
chargée de communication au service plaidoyer d'Action contre la Faim, Dacca

For equality,

Against Hunger.


Action Against Hunger

Much more than food.

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