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Emergency Roster

Action Against Hunger recruits humanitarians emergency responder

This is a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative project, join a dynamic team and have the opportunity to deploy to humanitarian emergencies around the globe.

As an Emergency roster member, you will join a worldwide network of other experienced humanitarian professionals from diverse backgrounds and have access to:

  1. Regular opportunities for Emergency Deployments
  2. Invitations to learning opportunities around emergency management and humanitarian response
  3. Multiple online trainings provided by ACF
  4. Support from full-time Emergency unit staff
  5. Networking opportunities with other humanitarian professionals from the roster and in deployment countries
  6. Emergency Unit Newsletter focus on providing regular update on Emergency activities worldwide


The Experience of Lisa Macheiner, Emergency Responder in Mozambique and Yemen


Lisa Macheiner was deployed twice in 2019 as an emergency responder, one time in Mozambique and one time in Yemen.

“ Since my validation as an emergency roster member for the Emergency Response and Readiness Unit in late November 2018, I have been deployed twice to the field, responding to large scale emergencies. The main goal during my first deployment as emergency field manager, has been the coordination of ACF relief programs, following Cyclone IDAI in Mozambique in April 2019. Unlike many other deployments, the central approach of this mission had been, to foster and strengthen capacities in local emergency response. Working together with around 50 local responders and volunteers, has been a truly rewarding experience, offering the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of the communities in and around Beira.



Soon after coming back from Mozambique, I received another request for emergency deployment, in the role as Emergency Rapid Response Mechanism Coordinator to coordinate Action Against Hunger’s rapid response mechanism (RRM), in war-torn Yemen. The RRM is the first phase emergency response throughout the country, thus working in close proximity to the frontlines, to reach uprooted and displaced communities, has been the main goal of the program.

"working as roster member means no mission is ever the sam"
Lisa Macheiner
Emergency roster, Yemen & Mozambique

Working for the ERRU has been what I always imagined myself to do: Offering my professional experience to respond to communities, affected by complex crisis situations. At the same time working as roster member means: No mission is ever the same. Being deployed into different contexts and roles, enables me to further strengthen my multi-sectorial skill-set but also requests to a great extend adaptability and flexibility.

The solid support offered by the ERRU core team members located in Action Against Hunger headquarters, has always been truly helpful in the field, making me feel, like having an extended family, I also keep regularly in touch with, when not on mission”.

Join our Emergency Roster


Just like Lisa are you looking for short term Emergency deployments? Do you want to be part of a team but still maintain the flexibility provided by a roster system? Do you want to maintain your skills in the humanitarian sector but still have some time at home? Then, the Action Against Hunger Emergency Roster System is for you.

As part of Action Against Hunger’s new Emergency Roadmap, which aims to increase Action Against Hunger’s emergency response. 

Join us !

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