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Emergency Roster

Action Against Hunger recruits humanitarians emergency responder

This is a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative project, join a dynamic team and have the opportunity to deploy to humanitarian emergencies around the globe.

As an Emergency roster member, you will join a worldwide network of other experienced humanitarian professionals from diverse backgrounds and have access to:

  • Regular opportunities for Emergency Deployments
  • Invitations to learning opportunities around emergency management and humanitarian response
  • Multiple online trainings provided by ACF
  • Support from full-time Emergency unit staff
  • Networking opportunities with others humanitarian professionals from the roster and in deployment countries
  • Emergency Unit Newsletter focus on providing regular update on Emergency activities worldwide


The Experience of Becky Zorn, Deputy Country Director in Bangladesh 


Becky Zorn was deployed in 2021 as a Deputy Country Director in Bangladesh.

“I was validated for ACF’s emergency roster in December 2020 and within days of validation, I received an offer from ACF to deploy to the field. Eventually, I deployed as Deputy Country Director to Dhaka, Bangladesh in January, and extended my deployment to support the country office until mid-May.

I decided to join the roster in order to balance professional and personal life. By being a part of the ACF roster, I am able to balance my home-based consultancies in Europe while also deploying to the field, working with teams, and engaging in exciting work.

MicrosoftTeams-image (6) © Action contre la Faim Bangladesh


162044928_891446868095664_5147426615331130276_o © Action contre la Faim Bangladesh

While deployed, I really enjoyed the work in Bangladesh because of the trust given to me by both headquarters and the team in the country office. I was able to get to work right away and support the office in building a new program strategy, restructuring the office, and ensuring that the office was able to support longer term development goals while responding to rapid onset emergencies. I am most proud of the way the team handled the April fires inside of the Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar, providing hot meals to thousands of individuals per day, supporting family reunification, rebuilding WASH infrastructure, and ensuring children were able to access nutrition programs.

"I appreciate the ability to accept or refuse deployments as I choose. "
Rebecca Zor
Emergency roster, Bangladesh

I am looking forward to my next deployment which will allow me to continue my professional growth. I appreciate the ability to accept or refuse deployments as I choose, so that I can ensure I meet all of my personal obligations to my family; for me, this flexibility is the best part of being on this roster. The team at headquarters is also really supportive and work to find roles that fit my profile best, so that I feel I am able to succeed from the onset of my deployment.”

Join our Emergency Roster


Just like Becky are you looking for short term Emergency deployments? Do you want to be part of a team but still maintain the flexibility provided by a roster system? Do you want to maintain your skills in the humanitarian sector but still have some time at home? Then, the ACF Emergency Roster System is for you.

As part of ACF’s new Emergency Roadmap, which aims to increase ACF’s emergency response capacity, we are opening our Emergency Roster to experienced humanitarians professionals who are interested in short term deployment.

To join our Emergency Roster, click on the position corresponding to your profile below

Join us !


The recruitment campaign is over but there will be new job offers available in early 2023. 

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