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Hawau Nigeria Judith Sambe Owoicho for Action against Hunger



Cash Transfer – Rebuilding Livelihoods with Dignity

However, with the coming of the INP project supported by Department of International Development (DFID), many of those affected have the chance to rebuild their lives through the monthly cash transfers accompanied with education on nutrition and hygiene for the family and for the children.


Hawau’s story

Hawau is one of over 12,000 beneficiaries of the monthly cash transfer of NGN5000, an equivalent of USD14 that Action Against Hunger offers in Yobe Nigeria.

The Neem tree situated at the end of the roughly made thatched fence gives a comfortable shade, which houses Hawau Ahmadu seated with two large basins and a round big pot with its three pointed legs planted firmly in the sand. The yellow colander in her hand disappears in to the basin and when she brings it out again, it is accompanied in full measure with locust beans seeds. It has been soaked for days to soften so that the peels have begun to go off. She repeats this process every week before she dries the locust beans seeds, which are later, shipped off for sale in the market. Hawau was able to save some of her monthly cash transfer after investing in good nutrition for her family and now has this business, two cows and a ram to show for the cash benefits she has received from Action Against Hunger for 13 months.

She looks up as we approach and flashes the first of many smiles, which reveal her white gaped teeth.  She settles down to tell her story. Life had become very difficult for Hawau and her family after they lost everything they previously owned to the conflict that hit their community- Churokusko in Yobe state.

"Life was hard."
Yobe, Nigeria

On returning to their community after the crises, life was hard she remembers because there was no support from anywhere and all their belongings had been carted away by members of the non-state armed group.

Cash Transfer program

The cash is helping families recover and resettle after the conflicts that caused them to flee their communities losing all that they had worked hard for.  Cash Transfers helps people to rebuild their livelihoods with dignity. It gives beneficiaries the benefit of choice and dignity to decide what they need and what they want to use their money for instead of assuming you know what they need.



"Today, not only are we able to feed as a family, we can also help others who are in need from time to time."
Yobe, Nigeria

The program targets pregnant and lactating women, with a view to improving nutrition in their homes. To guide proper use of resources, extra education is provided to help them make healthier nutrition choices for their families.

Hawau walks to where her 2 bulls are tied under the sun to feed them some grass as she tells us “I saved up part of the money from the cash transfer to buy these cows when they were smaller, now they have become very big”.

I am grateful to Action Against Hunger. 


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