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The bequest is a provision made by will for the benefit of a natural or legal person. It takes effect only after the death of the will writer and may be changed at any time.

You may write the bequest yourself, but it is better to use a notary or a heritage advisor to ensure that your will is legally compliant to ensure your last wishes are carried out properly.

At the time of death, all or part of your property will be transferred according to your provisions. Throughout your life you have the guarantee that you can avail of your property. In order to nominate your heirs, by means of a will, you will be able to choose from the two most used forms of writing: the holographic will and the authentic will.



It is a hand-written will written by you. For security reasons, you are recommended to deposit it at the notary office and have it registered in the Central File of the Last Will Provision.


It is a form of will that provides more legal certainty. In fact, it is the undisputed format. The testator dictates his wishes to the notary, in the presence of two witnesses, or a second notary.

Our advice: if you want to make a bequest to the Action Against Hunger Association, a will must be written. Care must be taken to deposit it at the notary and possibly send a copy of the latter to the headquarters of the Association located at 14/16 Boulevard de Douaumont CS 80060 75854 Paris Cedex 17.



When you indicate on your will that you wish to bequeath all of your property to a body of recognised value or to a natural person, it is a universal legacy. It concerns the universality of your assets.


When you want to bequeath a part of all your assets: a share (half, one third of the assets…), a percentage or a very specific part (for example: all the furniture or all the buildings), this is a legacy under a universal title.


When you want to bequeath a specific asset of your inheritance: your jewels, your apartment, your car of collection, it is about a legacy under a particular title. The legacy for a particular purpose is a specific asset bequeathed to one or more determined persons.

All assets may be bequeathed:

• Money, bank accounts (current accounts or savings books)
• Securities (securities, shares, bonds, SICAVs, mutual funds, etc.)
• Life insurance
• Furniture, jewellery, works of art
• Real estate (house, apartment, land…)
• Copyright, industrial patents

When it comes to an individual gift, which is transferred simply by the material handover, without any formality, by the donor of the given asset.

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