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Engaging your Clients and Partners

According to the French, it is the Company that plays the most important role in taking action in favour of sustainable development. (Greenflex Barometer – The French and responsible consumption).

Furthermore, 52% of the French population think that consuming responsibly means consuming differently (eco-labelled products which are local, organic or Fair Trade). This is 12 points more than 2012 from the same survey.

Je Déj je Donne: core business, best-selling product

Groupe Up has decided to associate its brand name and its customers to supporting Action contre la Faim. Since 2009, the operation “Je Déj, Je Donne” has transformed luncheon vouchers into donations (out-of-date vouchers also accepted). Nine years after the operation was launched, nearly 3 million euros have been collected.

This turnkey campaign for collecting luncheon vouchers is an excellent way for a company to get their employees to collaborate from the inside. A developed, tailor-made fund-raising tool that is easy to implement.


*Action contre la Faim is authorised to collect all luncheon vouchers. Just one luncheon voucher worth €7 is enough to help an under-nourished child for 2 weeks by providing them with the proper treatment. With nearly 4 million beneficiaries of luncheon vouchers in France, each donor is doing their bit for returning the smile to 2 million children!

Shared Product: consume and act

Since the start of the partnership nearly 20 years ago, over 8 million euros have been redirected by Système-U to Action contre la Faim thanks to brand engagement, support from stores and clients of Magasins U through different fund-raising initiatives. Amongst them being the shared product: a payment of a fixed donation for the purchase of a symbolic product from a list of products included in the Action contre la Faim initiative or at a special moment in the year. For example, for buying a product on the list of products, 5 cents are reimbursed to Action contre la Faim as part of World Food Day. Likewise, €0.50 are donated for each box of greeting cards purchased for the end-of year festivities.

Système U is a group of independent traders operating under the brand names Hyper U, Super U, Marché U and U Express, spread out across France and the French overseas countries and territories.

Rounded solidarity & micro-donation: small donations with a big impact

Partner of Action contre la Faim since 2011, Lagardère Travel Retail is the first Duty Free operator to put their network of boutiques at the service of a large-scale checkout rounding campaign that raised €1,000,000 profit for Action contre la Faim. Lagardère Travel Retail witnessed first-hand how their teams wished to become involved and engaged. 250 staff members of the group, made aware of the cause by volunteers from Action contre la Faim, became actively involved at different times of the year to promote the mini-donation campaign, so easy and accessible to millions of travellers.

Lagardère Travel Retail manages multi and single-brand duty free sales points (including Aelia Duty Free, Buy PARIS DUTY FREE), multi and single-brand fashion, souvenirs, gastronomy sales points and restaurants.

Co-building tomorrow´s solidarity funding

Banks, insurances, and asset management companies can put into place shared saving tools: solidarity options on saving products, insurance and even investment, as well as direct payments to Action contre la Faim.

Crédit Coopératif, through shared saving initiatives, solidarity payment methods and tools similar to Socially-Responsible Investment (SRI) has supported Action contre la Faim since 2002. A pioneer in solidarity funding, Crédit Coopératif managed to raise more than 200,000 euros in 2016.

New funding tools based on this co-building approach are still to be rolled out in favour of the beneficiaries and Action contre la Faim network. Through digital solutions, social business, and new funding methods, we are developing a set of innovative alliances.

Our priority: create a set of solutions that make a big, social impact to respond to the needs identified at home and abroad.

If you are, as an individual, interested in one of these fund-raising methods, you can find all the information you need at Solidarity Saving.

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