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When drought sweeps away everything

Mr. Mohamed’s child was admitted with severe acute malnutrition at the Hodan Nutritional Therapeutic Center, run by Action Against Hunger. He has since received treatment. The child was supported by the community of Action Against Hunger health workers in Afgooye City, whose role is to detect cases of malnutrition, provide referrals and conduct health prevention sessions.

Mr. Mohamed’s family is one of the most affected by drought in southern Somalia. Having lost all their livestock, they had no choice but to seek refuge in Habibayasha – in the Bay area – in the Mogadishu camp for displaced persons, in the hope of receiving humanitarian assistance.

With their village of origin 360km from Mogadishu camp, they had to walk for 17 days before arriving at their destination. Mohamed’s son was diagnosed during a medical visit to new arrivals in Kahda District.


Previously, Mohamed was a farmer and breeder of cows and goats. His family lived in good conditions: he could provide for their water and food needs, and owned a beautiful house. The situation gradually deteriorated after two consecutive years without a rainy season, which caused the death of their animals, due to the lack of water and grass.

Entire villages have been displaced by drought; children and elderly people have died.

Some people had to sell their land to raise money and feed their families. Some left their village earlier to head for Mogadishu in order to find help.

Although some families still live in Mohamed’s original village, he expects them to join the Mogadishu camp soon, especially if the situation does not improve. Many lives will be lost, especially those of the most vulnerable – children and the elderly.

Today, the only animals that have survived are camels, but if drought conditions persist, they will disappear too, due to a lack of water and grass.

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