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ToR – PUNC III Studies

Over the past 20 years in DRC, Action Contre la Faim (ACF) has been responding to immediate needs in terms of response to acute malnutrition through nutrition emergency activities related to treatment of severe acute malnutrition, sending emergency teams repeatedly to the same areas. These interventions are vital to saving lives and preventing terminal asset depletion. However, they do not address the underlying causes of malnutrition or prevent malnutrition from resurfacing, as experienced by the re-emergence of nutritional crisis in most areas.

To better respond to this challenging situation and needs to address nutrition vulnerabilities, ACF will conduct an in-depth study in one of the areas where structural nutritional crisis have been experienced, and on the basis of this study, draw out the modalities of an intervention for a period of 3 to 4 years that would address the identified root causes of malnutrition, alongside strengthening the local resilience of the communities.

In the particular context of DRC, and based on ACF experience, using nutrition as an entry point will allow addressing vulnerabilities at large, and identifying response options linking nutrition and resilience.

The study will be conducted in the Kwango province, considering (i) the trends of malnutrition in this area in the last 10 years according to SNSAP and historical trends, (ii) the severity of the crisis – in 2016-2017, three quarters of the Kwango Province has been under confirmed nutritional crisis according to SMART surveys conducted in the province and (iii) the humanitarian interventions in the province during the year 2017 (5 emergency nutrition interventions).



Simone Ramones
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