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The floods have left at least 4 dead and over 3000 displaced in Freetown. The displaced people were relocated to the Siaka Stevens Stadium (in the west) and The Brima Artuga Mini Stadium (in the east).

As the government and its partners focus on floods response geared towards providing shelter, food clothing and medication for victims, stringent efforts are being made to intensify surveillance and Infection Prevent and Control (IPC) measures to avoid the occurrence of EVD and/or cholera, not only at the stadiums but also at the community level.

A number of water points and sanitation facilities were damaged as a result of contamination due to the flooding. ACF, as part of the Freetown WASH Consortium, is responding to the emergency in 3 of the affected city sections by distributing hygiene kits, promoting hygiene practices; and working on water supply, particularly on bucket chlorination and emergency water kiosks in those communities where the water points have been contaminated.

This flood has exposed the poor preparedness and response system in the country at both national and local levels. However, the Office of National Security (ONS), with strong backing from the office of the President, has taken a nationwide lead in coordinating with Ministries and agencies to address issues around the flood, i.e. cholera outbreak, and preventing subsequent ones.

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