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Maximising the Nutritional Impact of FSL Interventions - Optimiser l'impact nutritionnel des interventions Sécurité Alimentaire et Moyens d'Existence

Scientifique et technique
Maximising the Nutritional Impact of Food Security and Livelihoods Interventions – A manual for field workers” aims to provide practical guidance in order to maximise the nutritional impact of food security & livelihoods interventions. Ce manuel a pour objectif de fournir des recommandations pratiques aux personnels de terrain pour optimiser l’impact nutritionnel des interventions sécurité alimentaire et moyens d‘existence (SAME).

 The approach promoted in the manual is the systematic use of a ‘nutrition lens’ at each step of the project cycle and a close collaboration between sectors. It is divided in two sections: Section 1 outlines the basics of undernutrition, and explains the interlinkages and synergies between food security & livelihoods, and nutrition. Section 2 provides simple and practical guidance on how to adopt and promote nutrition-sensitive practices and interventions. It is written using bullet points, and key messages are highlighted to ensure easy access and enable quick reading in the field.