Gaza Blockade: Help them grow
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Gaza Blockade: Help them grow

Dossier de presse
© Pauline Chetcuti - TPO, 2013
Territoire palestinien occupé
Début de la mission : 2002
Equipe: 56 personnes
Détail de la mission
The economy in Gaza has steadily declined over the past ten years as a result of conflict, restrictions and the blockade, which is now in its sixth year. The effects of this economic decline have been devastating for the entire population in Gaza, forcing the majority of the population to rely on humanitarian aid for their survival. Gaza’s economy was once productive with many people employed in the export economies of manufacturing, fishing and farming and accessing labour market in Israel.

Today, access restrictions to agricultural land and to the sea, destruction of assets including boats and green-houses, the high prices of inputs, the shrinking local market and closed crossings for trade with the West Bank, Israel and internationally have led to the almost near devastation of the agriculture sector in the Gaza strip. In addition, the lack of research into new market opportunities and the limited institutional support given to farmers has decreased the opportunity for any growth in the sector.

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