What we do


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What we do

Who we are


Action against Hunger was founded in 1979 by a group of French intellectuals in response to the emergency in Afghanistan.

Our fight

ACF’s mission consists of saving lives via the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition, in particular during and following disasters and conflicts.

Our charter

In all of its activities, ACF abides by the following principles set out in its charter.

Our finances

The legitimacy of an action inevitably rests on the care taken to operate it with clarity and rigour, particularly the financial side.

ACF International

In order better to respond to people’s needs, Action contre la Faim has developed an international network.


Our fields of expertise

Nutrition, health, mental health and Care practices

Through its nutrition programmes, ACF prevents, diagnoses and treats acute malnutrition in those most at risk, including young children and...

Food security and livelihoods

The general aim of ACF’s actions regarding “food security and livelihoods” consists of saving lives in crisis situations and protecting and...

Water, sanitation and hygiene

The nutritional well-being of a community requires a reliable supply of clean water and an adequate knowledge of how to use and manage such supply...

Advocacy and awareness-raising

ACF’s advocacy and awareness-raising activities are closely linked to its...

Scientific research

Action contre la faim (ACF) considers research as a strategic area of development.