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Volunteer with us


Profile sought 

Our teams : specialists engaged in the fight against hunger

Action contre la Faim is 120 employees and 21 volunteers, who work at the association’s HQ in Paris, as well as an average of 295 expatriates in the field. In collaboration with local staff, they carry out many programmes in the fields of nutrition, provision of water, sanitation, health and food security, in 18 countries (figures from the 2006 activities report). 

Their mission : save and pass on their knowledge

Action contre la Faim intervenes in emergency situations. It considers it has accomplished its mission when people have recovered food autonomy, and are ready to take over activities already implemented. This is why volunteers attach the greatest importance to training and forming local teams. 


Criteria and conditions

Commit yourself to our missions

Action contre la Faim is a team of men and women working towards a single aim: to act effectively and concretely against an unacceptable scourge, the persistance of hunger in a world of abundance.
288 expatriates, together with 4031 local collaborators carry out the programmes of Action contre la Faim in 18 countries.


What are the selection criteria ?

  • Diplomas and experience : Expatriates must master (training + a minimum of 2 years of professional experience /courses/volunteering) the implementation techniques proper to their speciality and be capable of training local teams.
  • Foreign languages : Written and oral command of English is indispensable and use of another language (French, Spanish, Portuguese or other...) is most desirable.
  • Mind set : Be capable of rapidly adapting to new living conditions, working as part of a team respecting the cultures of the host country, finally being highly motivated to carry out our humanitarian programmes.
  • Commitment : Minimum availability of one year for all expatriates.