Private partners


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Private partners


Why is your support so important ?

The Club of Business Parners of Action contre la Faim counts around fifty loyal businesses which, each in its own way, contributes to the eradication of hunger in the world. In 2006, these businesses enabled us to collect over 1,7 million euros (compared with 860 000 € in 2004).
The collected donations constitute the association’s own funds. They allow the association to give immediate help to victims of hunger wherever they are (wars, epidemics, natural emergencies …). Business donations also enable the association to intervene in countries lacking media attention from the media or major donors.
By joining the Club of Business Partners of Action contre la Faim, you are committing your business to a social responsibility approach. 

What are the advantages for your company?

You benefit from the association’s image and reputation. Depending on the amount you commit, you may also benefit from the public relations campaigns run by our teams.
  • You gain the loyalty of your clients and suppliers by giving purpose to their purchases or their work.
  • Since they group employees round a common project, partnerships may also provide your business with a good means of mobilization and internal cohesion.
  • Finally, in accordance with the law passed on 1st August 2003 your tax position has become advantageous since 60% of your contribution is deductible under corporation tax up to a limit of 0,5 per 1000 of pre-tax income (Article 238 bis 1° of the French general tax code). (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT VALID OUTSIDE FRANCE!!!)
Twice a year, Action contre la Faim invites you to exchange views with other businesses in the Partners Club. Review of activities, future prospects, mission reports, testimony from CEOs, Action contre la Faim links you to the life of the association.
The business partners of Action contre la Faim also have the right to use the association’s logo. Visits to the field are also organized for our most loyal partners...
For your part, support a great cause and join the Club of business partners of Action contre la Faim ! 

How to support us ?

Action contre la Faim submits innovative partnership projects, adapted to your business and your environment.
Its Business Partnerships Section helps you build a sustainable partnership, founded on respect and confidence, around an attachment to common values. It is also at your disposal to study any project you may wish to submit